Skate / Bike Park

Our Skate / Bike Park, located along Lake Drive across from the School Bus Garage, is open to skateboarding, roller blading and non-motorized scooters and bikes. Ramp equipment includes:
  •  Half pipe
  • Quarter pipes (3 and 4 feet high)
  • Wedges (3 and 5 feet high)
  • 3 foot spine
  • Fun box with grind bench on top and grind boxes
Safety Notice
Because this is a potentially high-risk sport activity, safety equipment, such as helmets and knee / elbow pads, is strongly recommended.

Parental Notice
Before you permit your children to experience the facility, please visit the skate park with your children and review the rules and safety recommendations as listed on the park’s entrance sign. Enjoy the park, but remember, “Safety First.”

Skate / Bike Park Committee

Planning, coordination and design are credited to the members of the Skate / Bike Park Committee, which is comprised of Fremont area students and parents, and to the Fremont Area Park and Recreation Advisory Committee. The Fremont Area Community Foundation, the City of Fremont and the Skate / Bike Park Committee made financing for the new Park available.

Hours & Rules
  • Park hours: 9 a.m. to dark
  • High risk activity area - use at your own risk
  • City of Fremont Ordinances and general park rules will be enforced
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire park
  • Persons engaging in disorderly conduct will be removed from the park
  • Music boxes and public broadcast of music from other sources is prohibited
  • This is your park - keep it safe and clean
  • The use of safety equipment is recommended (helmet, pads, etc.)
  • Please be aware of others around you for everyone’s safety
  • Skate or bicycle at your own risk
  • This park is maintained on a seasonal basis. Contact our City Offices for service requests
  • Replacement of worn or abused equipment will be the responsibility of the skate park maintenance committee
  • In case of emergency, call 911