City council meeting

monday, December 6, 2021

  agenda & action memo


The City has been working with property owners of vacant buildable parcels and local developers, hoping to stimulate new housing opportunities in Fremont.  There has been an extreme shortage of available rental and owner-occupied dwellings for the past several years.  
Recently, Gerber Products Officials requested the City consider closing a section of North Weaver Avenue in exchange for vacant land (approximately 7 acres) they own along Weaver and 44th Streets.  The City, not only wanting to support its' largest employer and community partner, recognized this as a potential opportunity for a much-needed residential development for our community.
"Employers and community members have been expressing the need for more housing opportunities in Fremont; a residential development on this 7-acre lot could provide 30 or more new dwellings for the community," said City Manager Todd Blake.  The City already has plans to perform a housing market study for the Fremont community this fall and will coordinate a request for proposals (RFP) process to seek out development ideas from interested developers following the study.  The Weaver Avenue section is scheduled to close in late August, with Gerber scheduling construction immediately thereafter.
Gerber Plant Manager Andrew Willis stated..."We are very happy to have a win-win agreement between Gerber and the City of Fremont.  This change will help us improve the overall layout and traffic flow at the site, as well as further improve the security and safety of our employees and products."

                              To see a map of the street closure, please click this