For your convenience, we accept tax payments in person, by mail or in the drop box at the northwest exit of the parking lot behind City Hall. Tax payments are accepted at City Hall until February 28th; thereafter, all payments must be made at the County Treasurer’s Office in White Cloud. If you require a copy of a paid receipt, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your tax payment. Partial payments are accepted.

Online Payment
We now have the option of paying by credit card in person or online. The owner of a residence will be able to register their address and obtain free access to their information. If paying by a credit card, there is a fee that is collected by the credit card company.

Payment by Check

Please note that any check returned to the City of Fremont will be charged an additional $25.00. The check writer will be required to bring in cash equaling the amount of the check returned plus an additional $25.00 fee. If not paid within a few days, the associated fee / bill will be reinstated with penalties. The $25.00 charge will also be added to the account.