Development in Fremont

Like most of West Michigan, Fremont has experienced growth in almost every area of the community over the past five years. Fortunately, our current Joint Master Plan prepared the City for this growth, planning for new and re-development within and around the City.  The City and Dayton & Sheridan Townships also recently updated their Joint 425 Development & Growth Management Plan to include township parcels around the City that fell within the Master Plan’s “Future Utility (Water/Sewer) Extension Map.”

The City is also participating in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) Program.  The City has benefited from its participation with RRC by receiving best practice recommendations from the RRC evaluation of its development programs and services for quality and efficiency.  The initial “self-evaluation” process was a great tool for staff to self-analyze the City’s development process and identify the need for participating in the program.

The City has a Downtown Development Authority District that entails the M-82 corridor running east/west on Main Street, and a Local Development Finance Authority District that entails the Fremont Industrial Park with 50 acres of vacant developable land. 

Whether you are interested in developing public or privately owned property, wishing to find out out more about site plan review or other approval processes, attempting to pull building/electrical/mechanical/plumbing permits, links provided to the left will help guide you through the City’s recently updated development process.