Police Department

2011 Charger1
About the Department
Our officers are dedicated to protecting the excellent quality of life we enjoy in our community. We continually seek to enhance our public service role and place a premium on having well-trained and licensed officers in a number of facets of law enforcement to better serve you.

Should you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at 231-924-2100. We will be happy to discuss issues with you, whether they're regarding police procedure or concerns regarding the community as a whole. Our alliance with an informed community helps to assure a safe environment for all.

Mission Statement
To provide character and leadership to our community, to prevent and deter criminal behavior, to promote a safe, healthy and caring environment and to develop community relations and awareness toward local issues.

Vision Statement
As we move steadfastly into this most exciting millennium, we embrace the lessons learned from the past, always cognizant of utilizing these lessons toward the development of an enriched future for our citizens. Ever mindful that justice is blind, we extend equality to all in an effort to solidify our position as a police department based first on service. Our professionalism will carry us through times of public scrutiny, and that professionalism will be the beacon that illuminates our path towards the objectives and ideals that we will constantly strive to achieve. To be the standard for which all may choose to follow, to provide assistance and direction to those in need, and above all to assure the guarantee that the rights of every one of our citizens to peaceful existence and a safe environment is absolutely inalienable.

We remain determined to hold these principles as our vision to the future and to serve this city in the spirit of cooperation borne to all its people.