Learn About

  1. City Budgets & Audits

    Access budget information for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014.

  2. City Fees Schedule (PDF)

    View the 2013 to 2014 fiscal year fee schedule.

  3. City Ordinances

    View the Fremont Community Joint Zoning Ordinance.

  4. District Library

    Access information for the Fremont Area District Library.

  5. Downtown Blueprint Revitalization Plan

    Check out a bit of historical information with this press release about the downtown blueprint designation and development plan.

  6. Drinking Water

    Our municipally owned and operated water supply system obtains its water from eight deep wells with a combined capacity of seven million gallons per day.

  7. Elected Officials & City Council

    Our General City Election is held every odd year. The Office of Mayor serves a 2-year term and Council members serve 4-year terms.

  8. Farmer's Market

    The Market is a great place to find fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables from the summer's harvest, and other delectables.

  9. How to Register to Vote

    Find information on how to register to vote in the City of Fremont.

  10. Kids Zone

    Hey kids! Whether you’re looking for fun and sports, help with homework, school information or safety tips, we’ve got the links you’re looking for.

  11. Municipal Airport

    We are proud to offer one of the few remaining general aviation airports with the capacity to serve corporate needs in the region.

  12. National Baby Food Festival

    Learn more information about the National Baby Food Festival.

  13. Public Art

    The Fremont Public Art Program is administered by the DDA Public Art Subcommittee.