Fremont Community Recreation Authority


City of Fremont

  • Todd Blake, Chair
  • Brian Hettinger
  • Roger Tuuk

Dayton Township

  • Shirley Hooker, Supervisor
  • Jean Sherman
  • Vacant

Sheridan Township

  • Dave Lue, Supervisor
  • Jason Bieneman
  • Bryan Kolk

Sherman Township

  • Robert Sullivan, Supervisor
  • Pam Zuchowski
  • Becky Content

Fremont Public Schools

  • Jim Hieftje, Superintendent
  • Matt Hendrie

Advisory Board History

The City of Fremont, Dayton Township and Sheridan Charter Township joined together to develop and adopt the Fremont Area Recreation Master Plan (2000 - 2005). It was envisioned that creating an area-wide recreation plan would enable the communities to provide recreational opportunities to their residents in the most efficient, effective and fiscally responsible manner. The Fremont Area communities began the process of producing the Recreation Master Plan by establishing a Recreation Advisory Committee.

This committee was comprised of 2 representatives from Dayton Township, 2 from Sheridan Charter Township and 3 from the City of Fremont. When the 5-yr Plan was updated in 2006, Sherman Township joined the consortium and the Plan has since been updated again in 2012. The committee’s primary responsibility was to oversee the task of preparing and recommending a Recreation Master Plan for the Fremont Area. Public input was received and a community-wide survey, conducted in the summer of 1999, was referenced and summarized throughout the planning process.

Action Plan

The Action Plan of the Master Plan details the culmination of the Committee’s research and discussions into recommended goals, guidelines and capital improvements for the a 5 year period (page 73-83). The Action Plan specifically includes components of the Capital Improvement Schedule. The results of the background studies, recreation inventory, needs analysis and Advisory Committee discussions were used to create this portion of the plan.

Since the Committee’s establishment, the 5-year Capital Improvement Schedule within the Recreation Master Plan has been annually reviewed and updated.

Target Population

The construction of this unique multi-purpose court will provide the various recreation opportunities not available in this area to all ages and especially to the youth of the communities in the Fremont Area and Newaygo County.


This project is the collaboration of the City of Fremont, Dayton Township, Sherman Township and Sheridan Charter Township. The Fremont Area Community Foundation has been a major contributor in funding many of our projects.