Fremont Area Recreation Plan

The Fremont Area Recreation Plan was last updated in March 2007, expired December 2011 and is currently being updated. The Recreation Plan is 5-year plan that identifies recreational opportunities and needs to the area.

Fremont Area Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

The Fremont Area Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee annually updates the Recreation Plan's Capital Improvement Schedule for the Fremont area. The City of Fremont and Dayton, Sherman and Sheridan Townships have worked together on this project since 2001, which benefits all residents within their jurisdictions.

The Committee meets on various occasions from January through March and holds a public hearings to provide for public input. The meetings provide an opportunity for residents of the City of Fremont and Dayton, Sherman & Sheridan Townships to provide input, express their opinions, ask questions and discuss aspects of the proposed updates regarding recreation in the Fremont community. You can review results of the most recent Community Recreation Survey, which helped update the 5-year Recreation Capital Schedule in 2007.

The Committee conducted public meetings and hearings in December, January, February and March, for the master plan update process. During the process, the Committee received a grant from the FACF for $10,000 to conduct a Feasibility Study (2012) on the potential establishment of a recreation authority. The Committee held their final public hearing on March 15th, approved the updated Plan and recommended its adoption to the participating jurisdictions. Below are sections of the updated Plan for your review. The participating jurisdictions will be asked to adopt the Plan during March / April of 2012.

2012 Updated Plan Sections