This modern, full-service campground is located on beautiful 790-acre Fremont Lake, only one mile from Downtown Fremont, the “Baby Food Capital of the World.”  The campground is adjacent to a city park which has a sand swimming beach, sand volleyball courts, “Fort Fremont” playground, picnic areas and shelters, boat launching area, parking, showers and complete sanitary facilities.

Boats may be rented on the lake and bait and fishing tackle may be purchased in the area.  The fishing is excellent.  Other recreational activities such as canoeing, golfing, pickleball, hiking and horseback riding are also available in the immediate area. 

The Campground will be open from Friday, April 23 through Sunday, October 11, 2021.  For additional information, or to make a reservation, you may contact the campground office at:  231-924-5227, campground manager: Coke Netcott at 231-286-9817 (cell) or email at

You can also write, fax or email as follows:  Fremont City Offices: 231-924-2101; fax: 231-924-2888; City Clerk’s email:; City Website:

During the camping season, all payments will be made to the campground.  Checks are made payable to “City of Fremont” and are to be mailed to Fremont Lake Campground, 948 Cottage Grove, Fremont MI  49412.  During the off season months, you can mail your payments to City of Fremont, 101 E Main St, Fremont MI  49412

                SEASONAL SITESWhen making a reservation at Fremont Lake Park Campground on a new seasonal space before the camping season, a $200 deposit is due at the time the reservation is made.  It may be made immediately by credit card or you may send a check or pay in cash.  Reservations will not be held if deposit is not made within a week.  The balance of your seasonal payment will be due and payable in full by April 1st.  To continue to hold a seasonal space for the next year, your deposit will be due and payable by October 1st.

                TRANSIENT SITESWhen making a reservation at Fremont Lake Park Campground, full payment is due at the time the reservation is made.  It may be made immediately by credit card, send a check or pay in cash.  Reservations will not be held if payment is not made within a week. CHECK IN TIME: Any time after 12:00 PM.  CHECK OUT TIME: Any time before 12:00 PM. If you would like to extend your stay or have an early check in or late check out, please check with the manager.  Many sites are rented again as soon as you leave.  Please do not assume it is okay to stay late.

No refunds on any reservations that covers a holiday.  All other reservations:  A full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee if cancelled 11 days prior to the reservation.  If cancelled under the 11 days, a $25 cancellation fee plus two days will be deducted from the reservation.  No shows or no calls are billed in full.  No refunds or exchanges.

If a seasonal camper leaves at any time during their 5-month stay, reimbursement will be mnade for the remainder months the camper is not there.  You will not be reimbursed for the month you left in.  There will be no pro-rating of the lot.  (Example:  If you leave July 10th, you will be reimbursed for August through September).


  • WATER/ELECTRIC: The park is on city water pressure and may be as high as 100 pounds per square inch.  To protect your hoses and internal camper plumbing, please use a pressure regulator on the spigot side of your water hose.  Many of the sites in the campground have 50 amp only service.  All others have 30/50 service.  If you have a 30 amp plug on your unit, you may need a 30 to 50 amp adaptor.  The park does have some available for loan but the number is limited. 
  • PETS: No aggressive dogs/pets are allowed in the park.  Dogs that show aggressiveness, bark excessively, bite or cause problems will not be allowed to remain in the park.  All dogs/pets must be kept on a leash at all times whether walking or sitting outside.  This is not only a park rule, but a City Ordinance.  It is for the protection of all.  Please clean up all excrement immediately and dispose of properly.
  •  QUIET TIME: Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  It is for everyone and is enforced.  No loud or boisterous noises will be tolerated.
  •  PARKING:  Parking is limited in the park.  Please, no more than 2 vehicles per site. Parking in roadways is prohibited; vehicles must park on your own lot.  DO NOT park in what may appear to be an empty lot.  Parking in the boat launch parking area is prohibited. NO PARKING IN FRONT OF DUMPSTERS.  Your vehicle will be ticketed and towed without notice and at your expense. Please check in the office for alternate parking ideas.
  • DRIVING IN THE CAMPGROUND: Motorists must observe posted speed limits within the park.  Caution should be used at all times as there are children throughout the campground.  Utility vehicles such as golf carts shall only be operated by persons with a valid driver’s license during light hours, and only within the campground.  Utility vehicles are not permitted anywhere else in Fremont Lake Park, on public streets or on the non-motorized Town & Country Path.
  • CAMPFIRES: Fire pits are for recreational fires only.  No open fires or bonfires are permitted on the ground.  Any fire must be in a fire pit or fire place not to exceed 3’ in diameter.  NO burning of any trash in your pit. This includes plastic, tin, glass, styrofoam, cigarette butts or any other items. Fire pits should be placed in a location that is not detrimental to any adjacent campers, vehicles or structures.  You may be asked to move them if there is any danger of fire or other problems.  DEAD coals must be deposited into the garbage can.
  • PICNIC TABLES:  Only one picnic table per campsite.
  • PARENTS/TEENAGERS/CHILDREN: No play should occur in the roadways. Space is available for play in common areas and in the adjoining park and playground.  No racing of bicycles on park roads.  Use only roadways for walking through the campground.  Observe courtesy by not crossing through other occupied lots.
  • GARBAGE: Please keep your site free of trash and litter.  All garbage must be placed in plastic garbage bags (no paper bags) prior to placing in disposal dumpster.  Disposal of personal garbage from outside the park is not allowed.  Disposal of large items such as propane tanks, grills or furniture requires special tags and a cost.  Please check with the office before disposing of any large items. 
  • FISH WASTE: A fish cleaning station is provided by the park.  Please clean the station when you are done cleaning your fish.  Place all fish waste in plastic bags (not newspaper), and place in the freezer which is located in the garage.
  • LAUNDRY: Hanging laundry out-of-doors is prohibited, except on the clothesline provided by the campground. 
  • ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: All electrical appliances are to be enclosed in an add-a-room or similar enclosure.  Refrigerators located outside the trailer shall not exceed 6 cubic feet.
  • VISITORS/GUESTS:  Overnight storage of visitor’s recreational vehicles on your or any other lot is prohibited.
  • CAMPERS/RVs: Camping units shall leave a clearance of 3’ from the back of their lot line and clearance for the parking of their vehicle between the front and roadway.  All fronts of camping units must face the interior campground roads.
  • ONLY ONE CAMPING UNIT PER SITE: A small tent for children may only be permitted if permission is gained from the campground manager prior to erecting. 
  • LAWN/SITE MAINTENANCE:  All monthly renters must maintain your own site.  Lawn care equipment is in the garage.
  • VACANT LOTS: No building, working, washing of boats, boat trailers or golf carts in the parks vacant lots.  Must be worked on in your own lot and parked parallel with your trailer.
  • BOATS/TRAILERS:  Boat trailer kept on your site must be parked parallel with your camper and not crowd into a neighboring site and be no closer than (3) feet from the back lot line.  Additional long term boat trailer parking will be permitted only in the city’s designated area off Lake Drive; short term (1-7) days may park in open lot at corner of Reunion and Lakeview.  You may not store them in any other area outside the park perimeter.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE: The City of Fremont is not responsible or liable for damage or theft of any items not belonging to the city.  Anyone destroying property will be held liable and asked to vacate the premises.


  • PERMANENT STRUCTURES:  No outside porch enclosures shall be constructed.  Existing porch structures shall be allowed but not enlarged or replaced (Effective 10/1/10).  Decks are not to extend more than (8’) feet from the camping unit. (Exception:  Those installed prior to 2005)  Decks should not be constructed of pallets or plywood and should be made in a manner to allow them to be disassembled and easily moved.
    • STORAGE SHEDS:  No sheds are permitted in the campground.  Plastic (or rubber) storage bins, no larger than 4’ (h) x 5’ (w) x 3’ (d) are permitted.  Please do not store personal items under your unit.  A ladder or other longer items may be allowed.
    • SUBLETTING: Subletting of trailers on campground is not permitted.
    • SALE OF TRAILER:  If a trailer is sold, the new owner does not have first option to that lot.  The Park Manager keeps a current availability/waiting list. 
    • PROOF OF OWNERSHIP/INSURANCE:  Seasonal campers must keep insurance current and a copy of the certificate on file with the manger.  (Contact your insurance agency and have the City of Fremont notified of yearly renewals).  Renewals may be e-mailed as attachments to
    • SEASONAL CONTRACTS:  All seasonal contracts must be fully filled out, signed and dated by both members before being returned.
    • WINTER STORAGE: Winter storage is for your camper, storage bins and decks only.  Boats may be stored on a separate leased lot during the winter with payments of an additional winter storage fee or on your lot with deck if camper is gone.   If you leave your deck/storage units, etc. in the park, even if camper is gone you will be charged a storage fee.  All items must be removed from the park to avoid this fee.  Any other items left after November 1st will be removed and disposed of without further notice.