The City will resume with the residential curbside brush chipping/pickup program on Monday, April 2nd.  As a reminder, brush will be removed without charge the first Monday of each month, April through October.  

The City’s brush removal policy is as follows:

- Brush must be placed curbside by 7:30 AM of the first Monday morning, because the chipping crew will not revisit areas they’ve already been through during that week. 
- To avoid neighborhood blight, brush is not to be placed at curbside any earlier than the Friday before the first month’s Monday pickup day.
- Brush must be stacked with the cut end at curbside and limbs no more than three inches (3") in diameter, whereas a tangled pile will not be removed.
- The City will not remove remaining tree-top brush from a tree removed by either the owner or a private tree removal company.  The program is intended for routine pruning of trees and shrubs, not tree removal.

Please follow the policy to avoid brush being left at the curbside for homeowner removal. The City will also continue to provide curbside chipping of Christmas Trees during the first two weeks of January at no additional cost to residents.

City of Fremont community yard sale dates

May 10 - 12     -     Deadline for registration April 30
August 9 - 11     -     deadline for registration July 30


Branstrom Lodge Closed for Winter Season  


The City will be closing down Branstrom Lodge until further notice.  The stone fireplace is in need of replacement amongst other needed repairs, making it unfit for public use.  Over the winter months, we will preparing plans for repair or replacement of the Lodge.